How to Manage 71 Experian Mosaics as Library Patron Profiles

|希瑟·霍夫曼,数字内容协调,托莱多卢卡斯县公共图书馆|在2016年,托莱多卢卡斯县公共图书馆制定了新的战略计划有三个重点领域:支持必不可少的素养培育创新和领导力的培养,加强我们的社区参与加强我们的社区参与一直是工作重点,为图书馆,...Read more


Posted on May 9, 2016

When Dedham Public Library realized the time had come to replace both its 19th century main library and early 20th century branch, the primary question was, where is the best place to construct a new library to meet the needs of our 21st century patrons?

在公共和大学图书馆拥有超过四个十年的经验,有专业馆员都被召集来帮助回答问题。金宝搏彩票玛丽·安·特里卡里科,BA,MLS,MA,DA,开始研究,制表和分析信息,以创建一个战略规划文件,以定位最佳新建筑。“我所有的生涯中,我已经参与了回答有关社区,群体靠山,借款方式和使用数据的复杂问题 - 所有的手工计算,手工制表,”她说,并指出这是一个昂贵和耗时的活动。

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Across the nation, libraries receive widespread support from the communities they serve because people understand the value of their local library. Mostly. I mean, almost always. Except for when they don’t….

When your library’s funding is at risk, are you willing to wait idly by and see if people show up at the polls? Or would you like to actively reach out to your more enthusiastic patrons to inform and encourage them to support their favorite public institution?

Patron Voter Analysis, a new app available in Gale’s unique Analytics On Demand product, gives you the tools you need to identify voter households who use library resources and develop targeted contact lists to inform them about pending election issues related to your library funding or leadership ballot issues.

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上市Library Branch Insights and User Visits and Demographics

Patrons at your main branch mostly hail from all over town, but patrons at your eastside branch come from within just a few blocks away. Or do they?? Do you know how far people travel to get to a particular location? And, if you did know, how might it change your collection and outreach programs?

Branch Insights, a newAnalytics(分析)On Demand应用程序,跟踪持卡人在一个单一的图书馆系统在各个分支机构使用。随着地图和表格陈述了这个信息,你可以深入了解在何处以及如何个别顾客类型正在从事图书馆系统,让您可以定制材料,程序,服务和推广,以满足顾客的需求,在各图书馆的网站。

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By Gerry Sawchuk



“Big data” and “analytics” are buzzwords for good reason. Businesses in other industries have relied heavily on consumer demographics and data analysis for years.Research showsthat businesses that leverage data analytics have stronger financial performance, are able to make better decisions more quickly, and are more likely to execute those decisions as intended.


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