Textual Reuse in the Eighteenth Century

Published on June 9, 2016 By Douglas Ernest Duhaime Digital Humanities Quarterly, 2016, Volume 10 Number 1 University of Notre Dame Being a writer today means creating original content and properly citing sources for borrowed content. But before the middle of the 18th century, authors often committed what most today would consider plagiarism – and …Read more

ECCO the World, and Why…

Published on December 18, 2015

Gale’sEighteenth Century Collections Online(ECCO) recently celebrated its 14th anniversary on December 4thand it got me to thinking. Most commonly, the conversations surrounding the 18th century point to the major stories or developments of the American Revolution, French Revolution, and Industrial Revolution. For example, the industrialization of the world and manufacturing of powered, special-purpose machinery, factories, and mass production. Others might think about the American Revolution’s Boston Tea Party or the Battle of Bunker Hill, for instance. But what about the moments that lead up to these events?

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Celebrate with Gale: 800 Years of the Magna Carta

By Bethany Dotson

The Magna Carta, proclaimed at Runnymede on 15 June 1215, is 800 years old this week. The Magna Carta, or Great Charter of Liberty, is the document that King John signed, accepting restraints on the monarchy. It remains a cornerstone of modern English and American law. During the American Revolution, “the English used the Magna Carta to support their claim of parliamentary sovereignty, whereas Americans distilled from it the principle of ‘no taxation without representation.’”[1]

It’s no surprise, then, that using Term Frequency tool inGale Artemis: Primary Sources, searching through the 26 collections currently cross-searchable in this experience (includingEighteenth Century Collections Online, theMaking of Modern Lawcollections,Nineteenth Century Collections Online, and more), I was able to isolate a surge in the popularity of the term “Magna Carta” in documents published between approximately 1749 and 1796. The high point? Fifteen out of the 16,490 documents inArtemis: Primary Sourcespublished in 1767 contain this term.

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ECCO Just Got Bigger… Well, Sort of.

Are you a fan of our essential primary source database,Eighteenth Century Collections Online?

Well, next time you log on toECCO, be sure to check out the orange and white banner in the header. Clicking on it will make yourECCOexperience even bigger and better, becauseECCOis now cross-searchable with six of our other most treasured collections as part of the powerful new research platform,Gale Artemis: Primary Sources.

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