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|By Eric Bargeron, Layman Poupard Publishing | President’s Day was established in 1968 to celebrate the birthday of George Washington, America’s first chief executive, hailed for his military leadership and his abilities as a statesman. He was a man of action, but John Adams, a bit of a snob, thought Washington was “too illiterate, unlearned, …Read more

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Gale’s十八世纪在线收藏(ECCO) recently celebrated its 14th anniversary on December 4thand it got me to thinking. Most commonly, the conversations surrounding the 18th century point to the major stories or developments of the American Revolution, French Revolution, and Industrial Revolution. For example, the industrialization of the world and manufacturing of powered, special-purpose machinery, factories, and mass production. Others might think about the American Revolution’s Boston Tea Party or the Battle of Bunker Hill, for instance. But what about the moments that lead up to these events?

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It’s no surprise, then, that using Term Frequency tool inGale Artemis: Primary Sources通过26个集目前交叉搜索在此体验搜索(包括十八世纪在线收藏, theMaking of Modern Lawcollections,Nineteenth Century Collections Online, and more), I was able to isolate a surge in the popularity of the term “Magna Carta” in documents published between approximately 1749 and 1796. The high point? Fifteen out of the 16,490 documents in阿蒂米斯:原始资料published in 1767 contain this term.

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