Vampires, Skeletons, and Monsters

| By Gale Staff | As Halloween approaches, readers with an interest in the eerie and macabre side of literary history can find plenty to keep them up at night in Literature Criticism Series. Volume 200 of Short Story Criticism, for example, is a triple-feature of horror, with entries on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella …Read more


当涉及到文学批评,大风仍然是去到出版商的研究人员。金宝搏彩票文学批评在网上,引发了研究由来自世界各地提供艺术,历史事件,文学周到多样的响应程度。188金宝搏北京赛车这个获奖的系列支持的世界是如何发展,文化已经改变了讨论。报价研究人员...Read more


As the needs of students and employers change with new technologies and market-driven demands, how and what we teach can help build critical skills that reach beyond the hard sciences. In this one-hour webinar, we’ll discuss the underpinnings of literary studies and their importance in a well-rounded academic experience, regardless of the career goals of …Read more


| By Eric Bargeron, Layman Poupard Publishing | President’s Day was established in 1968 to celebrate the birthday of George Washington, America’s first chief executive, hailed for his military leadership and his abilities as a statesman. He was a man of action, but John Adams, a bit of a snob, thought Washington was “too illiterate, unlearned, …Read more

Keeping the Conversation Going


I think of literary criticism as a conversation: an author speaks to an audience, which responds with comments, questions, sometimes praise, and sometimes disparagement. The discussion can last for centuries. In the case of Shakespeare, for instance, in 1592, early in his career, he was dismissed by fellow writer Robert Greene as an “upstart crow beautified with our feathers” and mocked as a “Shake-scene” (whatever that is).

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Posted on February 18, 2016


我最近审查中的条目查尔斯·狄更斯厚望for an upcoming volume ofNineteenth Century Literary Criticism(NCLC), and was surprised—delighted, really—to see that we were including two reviews of the novel from 1861, the year it was published in book form.

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Upgraded User-Focused Interface for Literature Criticism Online


“The interface is as attractive as its capabilities are impressive.” Charleston Advisor



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