Celebrate with Gale: 800 Years of the Magna Carta

By Bethany Dotson

Magna Carta于1215年6月15日宣布在Runnymede宣布,本周800岁。Magna Carta或Liberty的伟大宪章是约翰王签署的文件,接受君主制的束缚。它仍然是现代英语和美国法律的基石。在美国革命期间,“英国人使用了Magna Carta来支持他们的议会主权的索赔,而美国人则从它蒸馏出来的原则”没有税收没有代表。“[1]

It’s no surprise, then, that using Term Frequency tool inGale Artemis: Primary Sources,在此经验中搜索目前交叉搜索的26个集合(包括在线十八世纪系列, theMaking of Modern Lawcollections,Nineteenth Century Collections Online, and more), I was able to isolate a surge in the popularity of the term “Magna Carta” in documents published between approximately 1749 and 1796. The high point? Fifteen out of the 16,490 documents inartemis:主要来源published in 1767 contain this term.

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