If You’re Reading this Blog, Thank a Techie


精通技术的人是探险家和我们伟大的信息时代的角斗士。Without them, we’d have no blogs, our phones wouldn’t be smart, and none of us would be able to look up the name of that actress we always forget from you-know-that-one-show in a few keystrokes. The Techie’s thirst for knowledge – whether budding young techies or adult tech users – is boundless.

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图书馆董事需要信息,Too! Support Your Library’s Growth

卡拉是在她的图书馆读者喜爱。作为新图书馆馆长,她领导了关键的社区成员,与当地商界领袖网络,以及响应月度会议亲自到顾客的关注 - 迅速。而且即使她只有几个咨询台转了一个月,有人问她,因为他们知道,她会提供很大的Servi大街gvrlladyce…and know where to find what they need. But Carla is concerned about keeping her knowledge and skills fresh – whether it’s about new collection development strategies or upcoming IT advancements that will affect how the library leverages its MARC records. She recently hit the 15-year anniversary of library school graduation, and she’d like to be sure she has all the knowledge she needs to keep her library as a vital community resource…and continue her career advancement.

Library directors who want to avoid the “cobblers’ children” syndrome (failing to support their own learning and development because they’re focused on supporting others’) can do so easily, with resources we’ve pulled together to meet you and your colleagues’ needs.

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