Posted on March 1, 2016


When I was little I used to love reading the Encyclopedia Britannica. We had one full set, and I think it was published in 1968. I would write all my papers using those encyclopedias. It wasn’t until high school that it occurred to me the information might be out-of-date. It was the same with textbooks. There were names of students on my pre-owned textbooks that I knew had graduated college. What’s more, those books were heavy. I remember dragging my loaded book bag to and from school. I thought my arms would break. Now, withCLIC那些日子已经一去不复返了。

CLIC(在语境课堂)是从拉盖尔的其内容的数字课程获奖金宝搏彩票In Context数据库。In Context是动态更新的,因此内容始终是最新的。不仅是六个CLIC旨在满足国家,民族和共同核心课程标准,他们也不断地定制。教师可以在视频,播客,文章加,甚至自己的材料。而这一切的灵活性可以让学生在平板电脑和笔记本电脑。所以外的日期教科书和百科全书是过去的事情了。


If You’re Reading this Blog, Thank a Techie


精通技术的人是探险家和我们伟大的信息时代的角斗士。Without them, we’d have no blogs, our phones wouldn’t be smart, and none of us would be able to look up the name of that actress we always forget from you-know-that-one-show in a few keystrokes. The Techie’s thirst for knowledge – whether budding young techies or adult tech users – is boundless.

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