Honoring San Diego Public Library’s LargestCareer Online High School毕业班

今年五月,圣地亚哥公共图书馆有一个毕业典礼纪念18名成年人谁采取了大胆的步骤来完成他们的事业与在线高中阶段教育。这是自该计划开始于2015年,拥有31名毕业生总数迄今,目前就读39最大的毕业班。世界上的零件的第一...Read more


Posted February 8, 2016



The library, always the province of learning and enlightenment, has kicked things up a notch. In addition to providing information, access to knowledge, community resources, personal development programming, and (of course) story time for kids, a group of progressive libraries around the country are now actively providing a path for adults to achieve a high school diploma.它的工作。

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Gale’s Career Online High School Offers a Fresh Start (and Cheerleaders)

Originally published byLibrary Journal

By丽莎·皮特on August 7, 2015

When Gale, part of Cengage Learning,announced in January 2014that it would offerCareer Online High School(COHS)通过公共图书馆,反应热烈。该项目由开发Smart Horizons Career Online Education(SHCOE), a Florida-based distance learning company, offers a high school diploma accredited by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission and a career certificate in one of eight specialized areas of study through participating public libraries. Students apply for scholarships and, if accepted, have up to 18 months to complete the program—at their own pace, on their own schedule, from any computer with a broadband connection.

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