Sacramento Public Library’s Career Online High School Graduate Tells All

|最初发表在萨克拉门托公共图书馆|网上职业高中是一个基于职业18级信用高中完成计划,允许图书馆提供认可的高中毕业文凭和入门级的职业证书,成人学习者。这种创新方案可在超过100个公共图书馆,包括萨克拉门托公共图书馆。由于提供的...Read more

“Book” Branded: Build on Your Strengths


瑞夫卡k·萨斯,Director, Sacramento Public Libraryssas

随机选择20个陌生人,问他们什么他们认为他们当地的公共图书馆。你可能会得到20分不同的答案,其中大多数很可能不是你想听到什么。因为我们认为我们是谁,我们做什么,更重要的是,我们的品牌是什么,有机会,我们的客户认为我们关于书的同时,我们试图说服他们,我们这么多。毕竟,我们很多的贷款游戏,做晚礼服的驱动器,教朋克摇滚健美操,合作伙伴酿酒(埃德加·爱伦·波特,任何人吗?),并提供3D打印服务。我们推的是我们贷款的信封,以及我们如何编程的原因之一,另一个原因只是:让人们在门口,使他们能够发现什么,我们真的有报价 - 创意,灵感和访问。

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Gale’s Career Online High School Offers a Fresh Start (and Cheerleaders)

Originally published byLibrary Journal

By丽莎·皮特on August 7, 2015

When Gale, part of Cengage Learning,announced in January 2014that it would offerCareer Online High School(COHS)通过公共图书馆,反应热烈。该项目由开发Smart Horizons Career Online Education(SHCOE), a Florida-based distance learning company, offers a high school diploma accredited by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission and a career certificate in one of eight specialized areas of study through participating public libraries. Students apply for scholarships and, if accepted, have up to 18 months to complete the program—at their own pace, on their own schedule, from any computer with a broadband connection.

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By Carrie Stefanski

I learned first-hand that there are more library conversations than the ALA show floor can handle, or maybe I was just high on libraries during the long conference weekend. Either way, the need for libraries followed me on all my ride-share trips around SF. And this made me happy!

Here’s the inside scoop on how the library love spilled out of the conference and into the taxi cabs.


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By Kristina Massari

全国各地的公共图书馆正在寻找创新的方法来创造价值为他们的社区,包括通过呈现高中毕业文凭到成年居民Career Online High School, an accredited high school completion and career certificate program.Career Online High School现在可以从东海岸到西海岸十几家图书馆,与几个推出这个月,已毕业的第一个库学生。

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Marketing the Virtual Library with the Wizard


I’m lucky. Through my role with金宝搏彩票盖尔客服, I have the privilege of providing consultative services to the People’s University – many call this their local library – and the unsung heroes they employ on their journey to the betterment of society. After engaging with public librarians for the better part of two years, I think the following quote highlights the contrast between a librarian’s ideal library patron, Virginia Woolf, to the current reality.


既是一个现代主义作为伍尔夫的是 - 我敢肯定,她会震惊地发现的存在于当今世界信息的虚拟流。事实是,大多数图书馆的读者不分配时间小时“洗劫”一库的网站troving一个在线资源宝库。事实上,根据皮尤研究中心所做的最新研究的美国人91%的人认为公共图书馆是社区重要的,但80%的美国人说,他们不知道他们的图书馆所提供的。这里存在的挑战。How do libraries market their evolving services to their communities?

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