Taxicab Confessions: ALA Edition





Stop 1: Periodical 15

一晚午餐会后,我被关到码头15对年度图书馆award ceremony. As the ride-share headed toward the Exploratorium, we picked up Neeraj. He was off to a restaurant on the way to meet some friends for dinner. We got to talking about where we were from and what we were doing in San Francisco. After my brief Gale/ALA spiel, Neeraj told me he was beginning a startup.

“Ohh, so what stage are you in?” I couldn’t wait to offer my eResource insight.

“我们刚刚开始,在研究阶段。我们基于“增大化现实”技术e actually having problems accessing science journals,” said. He went onto explain that he and his colleagues were trying (and failing) to access academic periodicals from their alma maters.

“STOP THE BUS! GO TO YOUR PUBLIC LIBRARY,” I exclaimed, in more words or less.



Neeraj was from Palo Alto, and sure enough,帕洛阿尔托公共图书馆的电子期刊是在他们的网页导航突出显示。他们提供他们的顾客Academic OneFileandGeneral OneFileon theInfoTrac平台,我希望Neeraj需要我的意见,因为当他准备好了,他会发现PAPL也有Business Insights: Global

Stop 2: Traffic Jam

I missed the boat! I literally missed the boat to Alcatraz because of traffic. Sigh。Since I was stuck in traffic headed back to the hotel, I began to engage in small talk with my driver, Zenebe. I told him I was in San Francisco for the American Library Association conference. Zenebe immediately began telling me his library story—I didn’t even have to fish for it. He has two young sons, 3 and 5, and he takes them to storytime at his local library often.

我们谈到早期识字;我可能已经提到的大风最新的在线学习课程,金宝搏彩票Humblebee小姐的奥斯卡。Zenebe said that his oldest son had an online program that he really likes and he pays $7 a month for a subscription.




Stop 3: Home

Like all of you, I’m exhausted and exhilarated from my week at the show but my library love doesn’t stop! I vow to keep on keeping on with my public library advocacy!


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After six years in higher education IT, Carrie joined the Gale Marketing Team. She has a B.S. in written communications, gets her work/life balance playing roller derby, and still has her first library card.


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