Pellissippi州立社区学院Librarian Shares Why Gale Resources are Successful

| By Jennifer Mezick, Acquisitions and Collection Development Librarian Pellissippi State Community College |


Our students primarily use the resources shown to them during class. PSCC librarians provided research instruction to 137 classes this past fall semester. PSCC librarians and teaching faculty find that students who receive in-class research instruction achieve higher grades on their research assignments. One of the lessons we present to students is the importance of finding background information before searching for journal articles.Opposing Viewpoints In Context我们去到数据库演示的背景研究。一切 ”In Context” databases contain Topic Pages for select topics, which provide histories and explain the different viewpoints of those topics or issues.


Faculty Outreach
因为不是所有的教员可以找到我n a 5 to 16 week semester to have us in their classes, educating our faculty about our resources is the next best way to reach our students. Our faculty learn about Gale databases at our New Faculty Academy, where we introduce library resources, and at Faculty In-Service, where we demonstrate new databases or changes and new features to current databases. Librarians at PSCC are faculty and serve as subject liaisons. With this designation comes the responsibility to serve on campus academic committees and attend academic department meetings (and sometimes share after-work beers). Relationships with faculty are formed through these committees. I find that these relationships make faculty more comfortable talking with librarians about research assignments and available resources, which provides us the opportunity to recommend the most appropriate resources for their upcoming assignments (or their own research).

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Taxicab Confessions: ALA Edition




Stop 1: Periodical 15

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By Michelle Eickmeyer

这个. Yesterday the world met Alex Pring. This clearly precocious 7 year old is featured in a video by The Collective Project, receiving a new prosthetic arm from an offshoot of the Project, Limbitless Solutions. That this organization exists is mind-boggling, thrilling, chilling, and awe-inspiring. (I’ve talked in other posts about how writing this series is often a review of the worst of humanity. Not today!)



Business Insights Essentials and Global

金宝搏彩票盖尔的商业透视:要点andBusiness Insights: Global提供工具,企业家和商务人士需要帮助他们的企业适应和发展,以及商学院的学生需要注意一些新趋势。6月20日,这些资源变得更容易使用新的增强功能: