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I’m lucky. Through my role withGale Customer Care那I have the privilege of providing consultative services to the People’s University – many call this their local library – and the unsung heroes they employ on their journey to the betterment of society. After engaging with public librarians for the better part of two years, I think the following quote highlights the contrast between a librarian’s ideal library patron, Virginia Woolf, to the current reality.

“I ransack public libraries, and find them full of sunk treasure.” -Virginia Woolf

一种s much of a modernist as Woolf was – I’m sure she’d be shocked to discover the virtual stream of information that exists in today’s world. The truth is most library patrons don’t allocate hours of time to “ransack” a library’s website troving for an online resource treasure chest. In fact, according to a recent study done by Pew 91% of Americans think public libraries are important to their communities, yet 80% of Americans say they don’t know what their library has to offer. Herein lies the challenge.图书馆如何向其社区推广他们的不断发展的服务?

一种最近的博客文章通过一种ngela Hursh那marketing development team leader at Public Library of Cincinnati, just surfaced on the ALA Think Tank that echoes this sentiment. She writes:



  1. 创建一个策略 - 现在并坚持下去。
  2. 图书馆应该成为内容营销爱好者。
  3. 图书馆应该从营利性同行中学到。

我同意。进入amy calhoun。

From职业在线高中一种nalytics on Demand- 我有机会在许多项目上合作艾米Library quote
在去年。艾米是磨坊的Virtual Branchof the萨克拉门托公共图书馆(SPL)。更重要的是,她对一个不断增长的图书馆赞助基地有巨大的成功营销非传统,非传统图书馆服务。


艾米引用虚拟我们不断变化的景观rld as one of her favorite things about her job. To address this fluctuating backdrop she’s harnessed the power of big data. Although circulation statistics can provide a patron snapshot, she realizes that this data alone doesn’t provide adequate detail about power users or the occasional resource devotee. Amy spends part of every week analyzing demographic heat maps, pouring through usability testing results and cross-referencing ILS circulation information withExperian Mosaic profilesas well as inspecting circulation reports.

She’s become quite proficient at targeting outreach. This month she plans on collaborating with each of SPL’s 28 branches to generate an adapted profile of their patron base. Now, with products like一种nalytics on Demand一种OD), librarians can take a page from their for-profit counterparts and pinpoint programming/outreach campaigns to a laser-focused demographic.

一种ODallows us to easily harness the power of big data and process the huge amount of information in a useful way.” Amy elaborates, “I use this to make content more findable and increase discovery.”

然而,搭乘对大数据包马的虚拟马车只有等式的一半。虚拟库也进入最强大的资源 - 图书管理员的大脑 - 制作逻辑和创造性的联系。最后,所有这些关注分析都会驱动有趣的部分......


Galvanized early literacy initiative– instead of limiting programming to within their branches, SPL’s early literacy platform is completely online and open to all ages. Patrons feel as supported in the virtual environment as they do inside the branches. Librarians at SPL recommend online resources and eBooks to patrons that come in to the library even when they’re not specifically asking for them. Amy uses data from this platform to connect the student demographic that engages most with non-fiction educational eBooks to SPL’s robust suite of online research tools and databases.

Classics by the Capitol event– On September 28. 2014, SPL coordinated with Gale and the California Automobile Museum to host a classic car show. About 500 patrons and potential library users came to the Sacramento Central library to wax nostalgic about the pre-1972 American muscle car. Part of the goal of the event was to draw attention to the library’s free services offered through the Virtual Library. Included was an area to engage with SPL’s online database奇尔顿图书馆. This area also included an expert to walk patrons through the奇尔顿图书馆经验。最后,但肯定并非最不重要的是,SPL通过他们的YouTube频道推广了该事件,其中一个与实际图书馆员的漫画视频,只使用智能手机修复他们的肌肉车。这些不是支付的演员,人们!

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Creative use of social media– Amy’s virtual branch is “always open to experimentation.” She is a firm believer that people use social media not to be marketed to, but to be engaged instantly.

  • 最近他们挑战了13,000Facebookfollowers to tap into their local librarians’ knowledge base. Patrons entered their last three books read on SPL’s Facebook wall and received an instantaneous recommendation by a librarian. This became so popular that Amy had to grab more staff to manage the self-induced social media storm.
  • Use of Google Hangouts to engage patrons. Amy routinely hosts Online Book Hangouts so patrons can be engrossed even while travelling. One of their most有效的会议came following the release of the latest book in theOutlander
  • Online librarian trading cards.这是正确的人民 - 在线或亲自的SPL顾客贸易图书馆员卡。好消息 - 我终于向我的收藏汇集了普通霸王哈里马马!


很难相信艾米没有自己的卡。我建议通过创建有限加入Calhoun或者Wizard of the Virtual World.

这是与Amy Calhoun虚拟图书馆合作的教育体验。这是我作为客户服务顾问的工作,以将此传递给所有兴趣的人。

作为一个厨师,我总是必须在某种程度上融入所有东西。我决定为所有博客访谈的结束问题将是 -如果你能为晚餐有一个历史形象,那会是谁,你会做什么?

艾米会有Kurt Vonnegut吃晚饭。然而,为了花这是这款才华横溢的Luddite的时间,她会烹调一顿饭并订购黄色咖喱戒烟。这是我的去食谱truly amazing yellow curry随时随地使用。请享用!

If you want more Calhoun – tune-in to this Friday’s金宝搏彩票大风怪. You’ll be able to pick her brain live J Mark 11 a.m. (EST), January 16, on your calendar and register today!


chef nick and son一种bout the Author

Nick is a proud father, chef, Tolkien nerd, spaghetti-western lover and Whovian (with Tennant tendencies). During the week Nick works as a customer care consultant – providing post-sales consultative services to public and academic libraries and the unsung heroes they employ. On weekends he quests to create the perfect food and booze pairing through innovative gastronomy at his restaurant and catering company based in Ferndale, MI.


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