Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes: From Breakfast to Dinner & Everything In Between

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Thanksgiving—a holiday filled with food, family, giving thanks….and, well, more food. As one of the most anticipated meals of the year, Thanksgiving dinner is bound to leave the family with an abundance of leftovers. While the cold turkey sandwich is always a favorite go-to, Gale resources are here to show you that there is so much more!


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Or this delicious turkey and chickpea salad:

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What about this full-text resource inInfoTrac的烹饪艺术收藏,包括后感恩早餐,午餐,晚餐和点心的食谱!

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You can also try this spin on an old-time favorite fromInfoTrac‘s Culinary Arts Collection:

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Want to see recipes like turkey gumbo, roasted cauliflower frittata, turkey shepherd’s pie, and much, much more from the same article?我们已经得到了他们!

Try out these or other ways to transform your Thanksgiving leftovers! From all of us here at Gale to you, have a great Thanksgiving dinner and a wonderful holiday catching up with dear friends and loved ones.