Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes: From Breakfast to Dinner & Everything In Between

|通过塔拉布莱尔|感恩节假期充满了食物,家庭,感恩......。而且,好了,更多的食物。作为今年最值得期待的主食之一,感恩节晚餐必然会离开家庭拥有丰富的剩菜。而冷火鸡三明治总是喜欢去到,大风资源在这里向您展示...金宝搏彩票Read more

Gale Celebrates Career Technical Education Month with New GVRL Collections

由妮可Albrecht | |在今天的经济中,challenging and high-skill employment opportunities are in demand, and secondary schools are striving to fill those opportunities with well-trained, motivated, and “career-ready” students. Through Career and Technical Education (CTE) centers and programs, high schools across America prepare their students for future careers through the framework and study …Read more


By Mary Kelly

想想你最喜欢的电影,书籍或电视节目。机会是大吃大喝的情节,人物,或设置是必不可少的。从与该吃乳酪蛋糕一切Golden Girlsto权力的游戏(both the book and the television show) food is almost another character. Food and drink are symbolic in every culture: making a toast with a drink, the new bride and groom eating wedding cake, bringing a casserole to someone in mourning. Sharing food and drink is our way of connecting to each other, our ancestors, and our culture. It is essentially, unspoken communication and is less about the actual food and more about what it is trying to communicate.

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Celebrate With a Splash of Color, Ole!


By Candy Jones-Guerin


Here in the United States we have embraced this day as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. Classrooms and communities across the country hang paper banners, cook up delicious food and share stories and dance from this celebrated culture.


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By Candy Jones-Guerin

地球日是世界上最大的世俗仪式,庆祝每年超过十亿人。3月20日thmarks a day of action to encourage changes in human behavior and provoke policy change for our planet.


Here are some recent titles to help you get the conversation started:

Readers will learn how to care for their environment as they make all sorts of fun crafts with supplies that can be found around the house. See how to make a bird feeder from a milk carton, a pocket pouch from cloth, musical shares from plastic bottles which are just a few of the projects you’ll find. In addition they will learn important facts about conversation and waste with insightful text and engaging photos.

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GVRL Partner Publisher: DK


DK(原非蒸馏水)是世界图书管理员,父母,子女和普通读者的选择Step-by-step guide. From animal facts to travel guides to gardening, DK is renowned for its distinctive, highly visual books that educate and entertain.

Currently available titles likeThe Science Book钩针,and小空间创意园呼吁的活动,所有年龄和提供理想的暑期阅读或夏季研发的人。

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庆祝全国果冻豆日与Yummiest 19世纪的甜点!

By Melissa Rayner


Let’s take a look into the kitchen of yesteryear to find the most delectable confections of yore. Extra points to anyone who decides to try their hand at any of these delightful recipes.

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