Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes: From Breakfast to Dinner & Everything In Between

|通过塔拉布莱尔|感恩节假期充满了食物,家庭,感恩......。而且,好了,更多的食物。作为今年最值得期待的主食之一,感恩节晚餐必然会离开家庭拥有丰富的剩菜。而冷火鸡三明治总是喜欢去到,大风资源在这里向您展示...金宝搏彩票Read more

7 Obscure March Holidays with InfoTrac Articles to Match


When you think of March holidays, St. Patrick’s Day may be the only one that comes to mind. Well, I’m not Irish, so I felt the need to explore holidays I could rally behind… with food. TheInfoTracCulinary Arts Collectionproved to be the perfect source!

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Perhaps the world’s most famous vegan, Mahatma Gandhi summed up his views on food tidily with this statement: “Violence begins with a fork.” Veganism is growing steadily around the world, as people discover alternative dietary regimens that align with their values and philosophy. For the 2-3% of the U.S. population that follows a “food without faces” diet, finding food products and cooking resources can be a challenge.

Cooking is the #5 most circulating non-fiction eBook category, according to图书馆杂志的eBook Usage in U.S. Public Libraries, Fifth Annual Survey, 2014.


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