|By Mira Tanna |

It’s Wednesday in the story room, and there is some calming music playing in the background while twenty toddlers are hard at work.

A girl is using a dropper to squeeze colored water onto a coffee filter. She is practicing her pincer grasp which will be useful when she starts to write. “Ava” is also building her skills of scientific reasoning, watching the yellow water turn the white filter a very light yellow, then watching another part of the filter turn reddish and – surprise! – seeing the area where the two colors bleed into each other turn orange. Ava’s mom hovers nearby, making sure Ava doesn’t dump colored water on the floor and helping her turn an already colored filter into a butterfly by putting a pipe cleaner in the middle.

Other kids are matching painted clothes pins to corresponding paint chips from the paint store. These children are learning to match and compare, honing their powers of observation as they differentiate between cerulean blue, azure and blueberry.

最流行的表有沙箱个塑料桶内装满沙子。使用普通的厨房用具像铲,过滤器和长柄勺,孩子们挖画面食,按钮和埋在沙其他的惊喜。儿童使用的解决问题的能力:How can I separate the colored pasta from the surrounding sand? Which tools work best to accomplish this task? And wow – that shower of sand raining down from the slotted spoon is sure cool!

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What does the release of the movie Dunkirk this weekend have to do with seeing my oldest daughter off to college? See below for the answer.


This brief overview is a good start:

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