Data-Driven Decision Making Ideally Locates New Library Construction

Posted on May 9, 2016

When Dedham Public Library realized the time had come to replace both its 19th century main library and early 20th century branch, the primary question was, where is the best place to construct a new library to meet the needs of our 21st century patrons?

A professional librarian with more than four decades of experience in public and academic libraries was called upon to help answer the question. Mary Ann Tricarico, BA, MLS, MA, DA, began researching, tabulating and analyzing information to create a strategic planning document to optimally locate the new construction. “All my career I’ve been involved in answering complex questions about communities, patron populations, borrowing patterns and usage data – all hand- calculated and hand-tabulated,” she says, noting that it’s an expensive and time- consuming activity.

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Evanston Public Library Enhances Patrons’ Experience with Gale’s Vast Online Resources


Posted on November 30, 2015

Lesley Williams is Head of Adult Services at theEvanston Public Library(EPL)埃文斯通,伊利诺伊州。在18年,她Evanston Public Library在那里工作,图书馆不断潜艇cribed to products from Gale. Today, as a primary “go to” resource for the library’s broad range of patrons, GVRL eBooks are instrumental in helping EPL fulfill its mission. That mission is to be the heart of the community, promoting the development of independent, self-confident, and literate citizens by providing open access to cultural, intellectual, technological, and informational resources. “GVRL is the only online reference book service that we’ve ever had,” says Lesley.

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GVRL Pleases Patrons, Young and Old, in Santa Clara County Library District


Lora Cokolat is a Collection Development and Reading Librarian for the Santa Clara County Library District, working in the District’s Services and Support Center in

加利福尼亚州的坎贝尔。劳拉购买电子书籍,DVD,图书俱乐部套件和电子杂志,谁使用该地区的七个图书馆和两个流动图书馆支持惠顾。新区的使命之一是提供多样化的资源在各种各样的主题和观点,并帮助人们使用这些资源 - 任务直到胡同GVRL电子书。

“We are committed to offering a variety of subject areas, topics, and viewpoints,” says Lora. “Providing electronic versions of reference sources can be more cost effective than print copies at multiple locations.”

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特里·贝克,信息服务经理Sno-Isle Librariesnorth of Seattle, knows firsthand how to deal with logistical nightmares. Beck is responsible for serving approximately 697,000 people in two counties across 21 community libraries. To complicate matters further, Beck lacks a central or main library location from which to work and was quickly running out of room for reference materials.

“We don’t have one great big place,” Beck bemoaned. “We knew we needed to grow our reference collection but we had no room for additional print materials.”

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Librarians Bridge Access and Availability Gaps with Technology


任何馆员工作的一部分是提供获取信息的人可能不会立即知道自己需要,不存在,或者是访问。艾米·卡尔霍恩,虚拟分支协调员在萨克拉门托公共图书馆,了解这一挑战,以及任何人。这就是为什么她和她的同事劳里·威利斯,电子资源馆员在San Jose Public Library,都开始寻找旨在确保人们将有机会获得信息何时何地需要一种解决方案。


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Lauren Stokes, the Virtual Library Manager at the拉斯维加斯克拉克郡图书馆区,often envisions customers in their bedtime pajamas. “I want them to be nice and comfortable,” Stokes joked. Stokes has good reason to picture users in this manner. It’s her job to ensure the 1.2 million people served by the 25 libraries in her county not only have access to but are using the district’s investment of digital resources.

To accomplish her goal, Stokes first had to convince educators and customers the图书馆的数字化产品是相同的质量,它的打印收藏。“它只是似乎没有点击,它是相同的内容无论您是在线上或纸上看它,”斯托克斯说。

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Public libraries play an important role in their communities, and they take their roles seriously. Case in point:Aurora Public Library(Aurora) in Illinois, which is dedicated to “supporting lifelong learning and access to information, knowledge, and ideas.” That’s no small task. Fortunately,GVRL电子书是前面和中心在帮助奥罗拉实现其目标 - 让客人轻松,快速访问信息资源涵盖学科领域的频谱,即使他们不是在图书馆。


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