Gale Donates Art Before Leaving ALA

By Tara Blair The American Library Association Conference is complete and so is the ‪#‎MyLibraryPic mosaic! Attendees posed for their photos at the Gale booth to be a part of the art. Staff used iPads to take the pics, which were immediately printed and given to the photographee for placement on the canvas using specific coordinates. As time went on, and hundreds of photos …Read more


Posted on June 6, 2016


Libraries complete our big picture vision. And over the next few weeks, we’re asking YOU to participate in helping us shape that vision. Send us a picture of how your library integrates and embraces technology!


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Posted on May 2, 2016


Advocacy on behalf of libraries is at the core of everything we do at Gale – from ourMy Library Storywebsite and our support for年度图书馆, to making sure the buses are running at ALA meetings and beyond.

We’re proud to support libraries and the ALA by participating in this year’sNational Library Legislative Day(五月2-3)。我们的代表与议员和工作人员在国会山举行会议,讨论影响联邦支持当地图书馆和集会的重要问题。我们也荣幸地赞助我们的密歇根州的家两个第一时间国家图书馆立法日与会者。

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由Michelle Eickmeyer

In just over three weeks, we’ll once again be coming together to celebrate the role and value of librarians, and librarians and staff. Though the winter meeting is not as widely attended (and is quite a lot of meetings), the excitement of an ALA is difficult to match.

As vendors attending the show, we’re able to hear from you directly what concerns and issues you are trying to overcome and sharing some of the exciting things we have going on at Gale.



今年早些时候,大风走上了战略决策,成为金宝搏彩票谷歌Apps for Education的合作伙伴。这使我们能够既能使内容更容易发现(和可追踪到你!),更容易保存/恢复以后。十万用户数万保存从他们通过自己的图书馆与谷歌的凭据大风资源文件。金宝搏彩票学生和教师访问他们的In Contextresources directly through apps in Google Classroom. Students and faculty beginning their research in Google Scholar are being directed to the library’s金宝搏彩票OneFile. We’re so excited about our partnership with Google, and everything we’re working on next with them! More information can be foundhere.

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By Tina Creguer


现在,您可以建立与向专业图书馆工作人员面向特殊GVRL电子书馆藏的核心竞争力。即深化工作满意度的自定义集合刚刚更新了新游戏,包括钱多斯出版,信息今天,图书馆无限,Linworth,和威利,并基于该WebJunction的Competency Index 2014, which is endorsed by the American Library Association. Covered are:

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I learned first-hand that there are more library conversations than the ALA show floor can handle, or maybe I was just high on libraries during the long conference weekend. Either way, the need for libraries followed me on all my ride-share trips around SF. And this made me happy!

Here’s the inside scoop on how the library love spilled out of the conference and into the taxi cabs.

Stop 1: Periodical 15

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American Library Association Annual Conference

得到通电并学习如何在振兴ALA图书馆的资源!在大风金宝搏彩票,我们正在创造比在展会现场的水疗中心更多。金宝搏彩票大风是一家致力于不同类型的水疗中心,学校,公共和学术图书馆合作,有返老还童的产品,以振兴研究和教育资料库。金宝搏彩票访问大风展位金宝搏彩票#703 ...Read more

Ferguson Municipal Public Library Named 2015 Library of the Year

Ferguson Public Library


loy弗格森弗格森市公共图书馆,MO先后被评为2015 Library of the Yearby图书馆杂志magazine and Gale, a part of Cengage Learning. The small suburban library rose above the chaos and stepped up to provide sanctuary and resources for all in a community in crisis, and remained steadfast to that call over months of duress. The library leadership’s modest “it’s what we do” stance resonated worldwide through social media and news coverage. It placed libraries in the center of the solution, and created a model for other libraries in communities experiencing strife.

年度图书馆is a prestigious recognition that goes to a public library that profoundly demonstrates service to community, creativity, leadership and innovation in developing community programs. Nominated by over 100 U.S. library leaders, Ferguson Municipal Public Library was recognized for its outstanding commitment to service and its extraordinary role as community anchor.

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50 Years of Busing

高级营销经理和所有盖尔/ ALA相关乐趣规划师金宝搏彩票

Welcome to Detroit!

In 1965, the U.S. military was entrenched in the Vietnam War, the average cost of a new home was $21,500, the price of a first class stamp was $0.05, and the Green Bay Packers won the 33rd, and final, NFL Championship game.


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Libraries in New York State—like their counterparts across the country—are experimenting with new ways to draw patrons in and engage them in reading, creating, and strengthening their ties to the community. In short, they are working to become more relevant. The Pittsford Public Library, for example, hosts drop-in sessions on mastering the Kindle, the iPad, …Read more