A Treasure Trove of Queer History Is Now Online

Gale’s Archive of Human Sexuality and Identity being called “A Treasure Trove of Queer History” by Advocate Magazine Published on April 14,2016 Gale’s Archive of Human Sexuality and Identity was recently featured in Advocate Magazine, a leading U.S.-based national gay and lesbian news magazine. In the publication, the collection is noted for its depth of information covering …阅读更多

What’s your learning style?

Posted on February 4, 2016


The method for making cookies doesn’t really matter, as long the result is yummy. Students learning in the classroom are no different. There are three generally recognized styles of learning. Visual learners process by reading and watching, while auditory learners prefer listening and reciting. Tactile, also known as kinesthetic, learners gain knowledge by doing or touching. Many learners thrive with one learning style, while some prefer using a combination of two or three styles.CLiC(Classroom in Context) can help teachers better address the learning styles of their students and ensure their success.

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See, Hear, Touch, CLiC

Posted on January 19, 2016 By Megan McCarthy My son plays hockey, and when he was little, he held his stick wrong. No matter how many times his coach told him to put his right hand further down the stick, he would slide it back up to the top with his left. This gave him …阅读更多

Digital Solutions Promote Pre-K Literacy Development and School Readiness

By Diane M. Sweetwood

虽然作为三多达30%,四岁的人有幸参加私人幼儿园和幼儿中心,成千上万的儿童必须的程序没有访问,可以帮助他们建立知识技能和幼儿园及以后做准备。The U.S. Department of Education’s 2015 report, “A Matter of Equity: Preschool in America,” notes that “while both states and the federal government invest in early learning, these efforts have fallen short of what is needed to ensure that all children can access a high-quality early education that will prepare them for success.”

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In today’s world of academics and reading, libraries are integrating with new technologies through 21STcentury tools. This trend can be seen not only through eBooks and databases, but also through the unique personality a library can create through publicity and online branding. Savvy librarians are ensuring their virtual presence through curation sites, online posters, infographics, and social media, most of which are free resources.